Breakdown: Top 5 Reasons to  Shop Online for Black Friday 2017

Online is the best way to shop on Black Friday. Why? Shopping online is regarded as the most convenient way of getting the best BLACK FRIDAY DEALS. The benefits of shopping a variety of products  online: You will be able to complete all your transactions anywhere at anytime. Shopping online saves you precious time. You […]

Breakdown: Early Black Friday Tech Gifts

Black Friday Tech Deals! Countdown to the beginning of the biggest shopping season of the year, Black Friday 2017! Starting November 17, get the best Black Friday deals on top tech at . In a press release by, Black Friday Deals will go live from November 17 to November 24! Check out the […]

Breakdown: 2017 Dell Inspiron Laptop Series

Dell wants its users to enjoy the practicality and quality of your Dell products for years, not months. Check out the Buy this if list below to find the right Dell Inspiron Laptop for you and your needs.   Dell Inspiron 3000 Laptop Series Buy this if  this laptop meets your needs & budget: Amazing audio […]

Breakdown: 2017 XBOX One X

XBOX ONE X Buy This If: you, your kids/grandkids or significant other are into gaming. you need to get the BEST gaming console at a great price. enjoying 4K video streaming and recording interests you. reliable, fast, stable and dedicated XBOX Live servers is important. you, your kids/grandkids or significant other would like playing 100+ […]

Breakdown: Reasons for Tablet Covers/Cases

Why use Kindle Covers or iPad Covers? Good question. As a No Techy, I am an unsavvy tech and clumsy. I have dropped and spilled liquids  on many expensive laptops, smartphones and tablets. I admit it. So, I use covers for my tablet and smartphone to protect my tech goods from me and my clumsiness. This is one […]