What is No Techy?

Hello. I’m Ni, No Techy Creator/Blogger, one of hundreds of millions of people interested in the latest top technology but can not understand all the ‘techspeak or tech talk’. No Techy means someone that is not tech-savvy. Is this you? Find out more!

Are you a No Techy, too? Answer ‘Yes’ to the questions below to find out:

  1. Do you find it overwhelming to purchase the latest tech due to your lack of knowledge about the techspeak?
  2. Are you frustrated by not knowing about how-to use all the functions of the latest tech goods?
  3. Have you been searching for a blog that can breakdown the latest tech goods info into simple terms offering only the facts focusing on your needs, wants, feeling and budget?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to these queries, then you are indeed a No Techy! Cheers and welcome home!

Now, how to make the most of this site in 3 -Steps?

Step 1: read the post breakdown on the tech goods  using my Buy This If  list of 5-10 FACTS about various top tech goods.

Step 2: click on the tech good TEXT  link EXAMPLE BELOW:

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Step 3: Check out  No Techy Store to find the top tech good that meets your needs and budget.

I research the latest tech using the top online sites for information and shopping. Then, create a Buy This If  list of 5-10 FACTS. After reading Buy This If  you, my fellow No Techy,  make your decision to purchase or not. I am not interested in forcing you to buy anything. You make your decisions with the FACTS.

Lets learn more about the latest tech!