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No Techy  wants you, the consumer, to understand what you are reading so that you, the consumer, can make the best choice for your needs and budget. Use the Definitions Section to get a simple understandable meaning of product description. No more guess work for you!

3x Video Zoom: making images bigger and more defined.

3G/4G LTE(Mobile Wi-Fi): use high-speed internet in places outside of your home that has Wi-Fi access, like cafés, offices, shops, etc. 4G high speed internet can download files from the Internet up to 10 times faster than 3G.

4K: ultra HD (high definition) at 2160p, not standard HD 1080p.

720p HD Video Recording: high quality recording and viewing.

Anti-Reflective Display: no reflection in the screen.

Apple Pay: pay for products on iTunes and other websites.

Apple Pencil: use as a pencil on the screen to input information.

Apps (Applications): means activities. You can download different types of activities for exercise, business, cooking, music, calendars, learning, etc. on to your iPad tablets.

Auto Photo/Video HDR: automatically capture and process photos/videos to get the best image/recording possible.

Backside Illumination: improves lighting in the screen for better viewing.

Battery Life: how long your battery lasts without charging.

Bluetooth: wireless connection of smart devices.

Built-in-Mic: a microphone is inside iPad tablets.

Burst Mode: many photographs/images are captured in quick succession to get the best action photo/video.

Charge/Charging: to plug your iPad into a power source like wall socket, etc. to add more power to iPad battery when it is low or when you are not using it.

Cinematic Video Stabilization: helps keep shots steady.

Cloud Storage: storing your information on the Internet using a secure service provider, like iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive,  that offers free storage and monthly storage plans. You can access your information from any device anytime and anywhere!

Continuous Autofocus: video/camera  keeps adjusting focus as your subject is in motion in day and night specially in low-light conditions.

Dual Band Wi-Fi: faster internet access and use than just having Single Band Wi-Fi.

Element Lens: minimize defects and provide a sharp image free from visible imperfections.

f/1.8-2.4 Aperture: 1.8 allows more light in photos. 2.4 good for night or indoor photos.

Face and Body Detection: security feature to protect information on your iPad.

FaceTime: Apple video calling app.

Front/Rear Facing Camera: you can take a photo or make a video with iPad camera facing away from you or you can press a button to turn the camera to you. This way you do not have to turn the iPad tablet. See images.

GB (giga-byte): the amount of storage you need to download books, apps, magazines, movies, TV shows, music, etc. High GB gives you more options.

Guarantee: a promise to repair or replace if necessary within a specified period.

High Resolution: your iPad tablet can display images in great detail and clarity.

LED (light-emitting diode) Backlit Multi-Touch: the light within your iPad that allows you to read, view images and videos as well as adjust lighting levels.

Live Photo:  a camera feature a that captures sound and movement a second and a half before and after a photo is taken to create a video-like effect.

Live Photo Stabilization: has the Live Photo function and is useful for action shots.

Megapixels: 1 megapixel equals 1,000,000. The higher the pixels the more detail in the image/video. Example: 12 megapixels = 12,000,000

Mono Stereo: simple sound.

Nano SIM: is the smallest of the 3 SIM sizes (Regular-Micro-Nano).

Panorama: wide view photography.

Photo/Video Geotagging: adding location information to photo/video.

ppi (pixel per inch): measures the sharpness or clarity on a display screen.

Pro-Motion: Smooth motion response to scrolling, page turning, etc.

Sharing Files: emailing, uploading and downloading information, photos, videos from or on to your iPad tablet.

Siri: a voice activated personal assistant on your iPad tablet. You say your command and Siri does it.

Slo-mo: slow motion recording.

Smart Keyboard: wireless detachable keyboard for typing.

Smudge-Proof: No fingerprint or swipes images on the screen.

Social Media: websites for communicating and sharing information, like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Tap to Focus with Focus Pixels: push button to focus in on images to get a better photo.

Time-Lapse Video: records video at a very low frame rate so when played back at 30 frames per second it has been sped up.

Timer Mode: self timer function.

Touch ID: your fingerprint is used as the passcode to access information on your iPad.

Web-Surfing: using the Internet for research on various topics, videos, images, etc,.



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