Breakdown: Reasons for Tablet Covers/Cases

Why use Kindle Covers or iPad Covers? Good question. As a No Techy, I am an unsavvy tech and clumsy. I have dropped and spilled liquids  on many expensive laptops, smartphones and tablets. I admit it. So, I use covers for my tablet and smartphone to protect my tech goods from me and my clumsiness. This is one reason.

The other reason, is fashion and style. Tech goods have become fashion statements, like clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. The brand of tech that you buy along with its accessory tells the world what your style is. And I love it!

While enjoying a delicious cup of Darjeeling tea in my favorite cafe with my new Kindle Oasis (now waterproof-YES!) nestled inside of  a gorgeous purple leather cover, I noticed that nearly all of the cafe patrons had unique covers and cases.

We are a generation that expresses ourselves through our tech goods. In case you are wondering, my Kindle Oasis cover was indeed the most stylish of them all!:)

My point, when it comes to covers/cases, Buy This If:

  1. you are clumsy, like me.
  2. you feel that adding a bit of style and individuality to your tech goods is a good thing.
  3. you need storage for stationary, business cards etc,.
  4. you want a cover with a stand so that you can  enjoy watching Netflix, Hulu and YouTube videos while eating and/or drinking.
  5. you need a wireless keyboard attached to the cover/case to use as a small laptop.


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