Breakdown: Early Black Friday Tech Gifts

Black Friday Tech Deals! Countdown to the beginning of the biggest shopping season of the year, Black Friday 2017! Starting November 17, get the best Black Friday deals on top tech at . In a press release by, Black Friday Deals will go live from November 17 to November 24! Check out the […]

Breakdown: Reasons for Tablet Covers/Cases

Why use Kindle Covers or iPad Covers? Good question. As a No Techy, I am an unsavvy tech and clumsy. I have dropped and spilled liquids  on many expensive laptops, smartphones and tablets. I admit it. So, I use covers for my tablet and smartphone to protect my tech goods from me and my clumsiness. This is one […]

Breakdown: Kindle Fire HD Tablets

Kindle Fire Tablets (click on the dark underlined word for definition) Buy This If…. you are on a budget and love reading, Alexa listening to music, watching videos, playing games, creating docs, social media activities, phone, web-surfing, sharing files and more. you want high resolution 171ppi, 189ppi and 224ppi to read, view images and videos […]

Breakdown: Kindle E-Readers Breakdown

TOP 7 ‘BUY THIS IF’ for Kindle Tablets Kindle E-Readers (click on the dark underlined word for definition) Buy This If…. you have a budget. you love reading books. you need an e-reader that stores 1000s of books at reasonable prices. you want high resolution 167 ppi and 300 ppi to read words and view images clearly. you […]