Breakdown: Reasons for Tablet Covers/Cases

Why use Kindle Covers or iPad Covers? Good question. As a No Techy, I am an unsavvy tech and clumsy. I have dropped and spilled liquids  on many expensive laptops, smartphones and tablets. I admit it. So, I use covers for my tablet and smartphone to protect my tech goods from me and my clumsiness. This is one […]

Breakdown: Kindle E-Readers Breakdown

TOP 7 ‘BUY THIS IF’ for Kindle Tablets Kindle E-Readers (click on the dark underlined word for definition) Buy This If…. you have a budget. you love reading books. you need an e-reader that stores 1000s of books at reasonable prices. you want high resolution 167 ppi and 300 ppi to read words and view images clearly. you […]