Breakdown: Kindle E-Reader Tech Definitions


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Kindle E-Readers Definitions Section

Battery Life: how long your battery lasts without charging.

Built-in-Light: a light is inside the E-reader.

Built-in-Mic: a microphone is inside the E-reader.

Charge/Charging: to plug your E-reader into a power source like wall socket, etc. to add more power to E-reader battery when it is low or when you are not using it.

Dolby Audio Stereo: clear, detailed, loud sounds.

E-reader: a handheld device on which electronic versions of books, newspapers, magazines can be read.

GB (giga-byte): the amount of storage you need to download books, apps, magazines, movies, TV shows, music, etc. High GB gives you more options.

Glare-Free: no harsh, bright light that makes it difficult to read or view images on your E-reader screen.

Guarantee: a promise to repair or replace if necessary within a specified period.

High Resolution: your E-reader can display images in great detail and clarity.

LED (light-emitting diode): the light within your E-reader that allows you to read, view images and videos.

Mobile Wi-Fi+3G LTE: use the internet in places outside of your home that has Wi-Fi access, like cafés, offices, shops, etc.

Mono Stereo: simple sound.

Page Press: to turn the page when reading on your E-reader by pressing down on the screen or pressing a button.

ppi (pixel per inch): measures the sharpness or clarity on your  display screen.

Touch-screen: touch the screen with your fingers to do different activities, like, typing, turning pages, etc.

Wi-Fi: Internet access.